Third Global Meeting of the International Dialogue Washington DC (19 April 2013)

“The New Deal: Achieving better results and shaping the post-2015 global agenda.”

The time has come for increased action. As peace and security remain top priorities of political leaders, whilst the global development agenda is being re-defined and financial constraints demand concrete results on the ground, this meeting will provide strategic direction to ensure the New Deal and our collective action contribute to successful transitions towards resilient societies and to shape the future development agenda.

Some of the questions to be discussed during this meeting include: What are some of the key achievements, opportunities and challenges to deliver change through the New Deal at the country level? What can the New Deal and the International Dialogue contribute to redefine the new development agenda? How can states and societies affected by conflict and fragility best make their voices heard, taking a lead role in shaping such an agenda?


The outcomes of the meeting, including a Communiqué, will be shared with the Global Partnership on Development Effectiveness, the High Level Panel on the post 2015, the G20 and other major international fora.


Venue            Willard Hotel, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave N, Washington DC, 20004, USA

Date               19 April 2013, 2-6 pm

Time               2-6 pm (Press conference 4pm)

Latest agenda here

Official press release of the meeting available in English here and in French here

Please read the official Washington communiqué in English here, and in French here

For an overview of external coverage see:

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