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AfghanistanAfghanistan is transforming its means of engagement with external donors thanks to ‘The UN’s role in Afghanistan post-2014’, which incorporates the New Deal at its heart. The government is building on its implementation of TRUST principles by working much more consultatively with its partner countries.
BurundiBurundi has worked hard to employ New Deal principles within its international cooperation programme. In line with FOCUS, a UN strategic plan for peace building is being developed, alongside an economic development strategy.
ChadChad was already in peace progress talks with partners prior to Busan, and is now at the very forefront of New Deal implementation. It has set up a committee to examine aid effectiveness and is reviewing its previous Poverty Reduction Strategy Plan to help identify how the new version can integrate New Deal guidelines.
DenmarkDenmark has led the way on New Deal implementation, hosting an event on PSG indicators in March, incorporating into its policy-making comprehensive guidance on fragile state engagement and collaborating to develop ‘The UN’s role in Afghanistan post-2014’ through the New Deal framework.
DRCDemocratic Republic of Congo is developing new indicators to help measure the progress of the MDGs at local and provincial levels. They are working closely with the UK, the UNDP and Canada on their PSGs and are currently drafting the terms of a strategic action plan.
Guinea BissauGuinea Bissau has created a vision for 2025 called ‘We Can’, which brings to life the FOCUS objectives for poverty reduction in the country. They have also begun planning a national conference on peace, and have initiated yearly strategic planning, guided by the aims of the New Deal.
KenyaA South-South exchange was held in October 2012 in Nairobi for g7+ countries to present and develop their list of country-specific indicators, share experiences and jointly develop a proposal for shared indicators for the PSGs.
JapanJapan has endorsed the New Deal and started internal discussion on how to translate the New Deal commitments into practice including its policies and modalities. Japan also participates in the consultation process on the ground to review partner countries’ strategies to better reflect the New Deal to pursue more efficient and effective use of the external resources especially in Afghanistan and South Sudan.
LiberiaLiberia was heavily involved in the establishment of the New Deal process; indeed, it was in its capital city that the President launched the Monrovia roadmap where the PSGs were first formulated and endorsed. Amongst other measures, the government is currently auditing its accounts through an independent Revenue authority.
NetherlandsThe Netherlands signed the New Deal and has since altered its Afghanistan cooperation strategy to include a new consultative approach.
Sierra LeoneSierra Leone is launching an ‘Agenda for Prosperity’, designed to create and implement a poverty reduction strategy that is in line with the PSGs, and including a Fragility Assessment aligned to FOCUS. They also plan to introduce strategic guidelines for all government sectors so that the principles of TRUST are met consistently in the future.
SomaliaSomalia’s roadmap to exit the transitional government’s mandate, which expires in August 2012, is tied closely to the PSGs. The New Deal framework will then be adopted for their new strategic plan moving forwards.
South SudanSouth Sudan, the world’s newest country, is using the New Deal to formulate, develop and crystallise its entire development strategy, integrating the principles of PSGs, FOCUS and TRUST in May’s cabinet plan. The young nation is also preparing a high-level partnership forum in South Africa to outline financing priorities.
SwedenSweden is now partnering with Liberia to deliver support through the New Deal architecture.
Timor LesteTimor Leste has decided to use the PSGs as the framework for engagement with the international community following the withdrawal of the UN mission at the end of 2012. INCAF are also helping to review the tax system by bringing together a panel of financial experts to advise on the best course of action.
UKThe UK has completely adopted the New Deal framework for its current cooperation with Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and South Sudan.
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